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The Do's and Don't's

Wine tours are a great way to sample and experience the tastes of the various regions Merlot, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Reisling, Pinot Noir wines.

Here are some common “DO and DON’T” to make your wine tour a memorable and fun experience:


-Hire a limousine company so you don’t risk getting a DUI or in an accident.
-Make sure everyone in your group has enough money (cash or card) to pay for their own tasting fees or meal.
-Bring a picnic basket filled with lunch /snacks to enjoy in between wineries.
-Eat a protein filled meal prior to beginning your tastings.
-Leave early to avoid crowds. Most tasting rooms open around 10am and close around 5pm.
-Read the tasting notes and look to see if you notice any of the flavors listed
-Be kind & courteous to your tasting guide / host.
-Before taking a sip, inhale the wine in your glass with a deep breath.
-If you plan to visit several wineries, use the dump bucket to avoid drinking too much.
-Take notes from the host while enjoying your wine tasting.
-If you feel the host/guide went above and beyond in presenting their wines feel free to leave a tip if you had a great experience
-Feel free to ask questions about the wine, how it’s made, the type of grapes, etc. while you sip
-Please drink sufficient water while you taste to maintain adequate hydration
-Feel free to buy a bottle or case of wine if you like a certain one or several types.


-Get drunk. This may cause you and your party to get kicked out and forfeit your wine tasting fees
-Wear perfume/cologne as it will alter the flavor of the wine for you and your guests besides you.
-Store wine in the vehicle exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Bring a cooler if possible.
-Use breath mints or gum. It will ruin the wine’s flavor
-Ask for a second pour of wine unless you plan to purchase it.
-Gulp the wine when tasting
-Have preconceived notions about what you like (keep an open mind)
-Make disruptive, loud noises with your mouth while tasting.
-Hold the bowl, always hold your glass from the stem (the heat from hands changes the wines temperature)
-Be a wine snob or know-it-all because wine tasting is subjective
-Don’t try to work a deal or negotiate pricing if you plan to purchase wine

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